How to Transfer Apps From an iPhone to an iPad

By Jennifer Habersham

The iPhone and iPad use many of the same applications. Once you have purchased an app on either unit, you do not have to purchase it again--simply transfer the app. However, transferring apps directly from the iPhone to the iPad is impossible. Instead, the apps must first be transferred from the iPhone to iTunes, and then to the iPad. Thankfully, the iTunes software is user-friendly, making the transfer process very easy.

Step 1

Download your favorite applications (apps) to your iPhone. All iPhone apps work on the iPad. However, not all iPad apps work on an iPhone.

Step 2

Connect the USB cord to your iPhone and computer; iTunes should start automatically.

Step 3

Click on "File" and then scroll down to "Sync iPhone." By syncing the iPhone at this time, any applications downloaded to the phone will be transferred to the iTunes application library.

Step 4

Remove the iPhone from the USB cord once it has finished syncing. Attach the iPad to the USB cord. It should take less than a minute for iTunes to recognize your iPad.

Step 5

Double-click on the icon of your iPad and click on "Apps."

Step 6

Click on the applications that you want to transfer to your iPad. Clicking on the apps adds a little check mark in the box next to each app's name.

Step 7

Click on "Sync" to transfer the apps to your iPad. Once the apps have been transferred, remove the iPad from the USB cord and enjoy.