How to Transfer Camcorder Tape to DVD

By Peter Lancett

Some camcorders record audio and video images to tapes. To convert the tape images to DVD, you need to use two types of computer program: one to capture video images from your camcorder and another to convert the resulting video file to DVD. A number of programs, such as Exsate VideoExpress, DVD Burning Xpress and AVS software, are available to capture video and burn to DVD, and the procedure is similar for all of them.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Capture program
  • Video conversion program
  • Blank DVD
  • DVD burner

Capture Video

Step 1

Download and install the AVS Video Recorder Program. Connect your camcorder to your computer using a Firewire cable, or a USB cable if your camera does not support Firewire. Set your video camera to play back the tape and wind to the point where you want to begin your video capture.

Step 2

Open the AVS Recorder program. The AVS Recorder has a display previewing what is playing on your camera. In the "Output" section of the program window, click "Browse" and select a location to store the file created by the capture process.

Step 3

Start playing the tape in the camcorder, then click the "Start Capture" button to begin capturing the video from the tape. Click "Stop Capture" when you have come to the end of the video you want to transfer to DVD.

Convert to DVD

Step 1

Download and install the AVS Video Converter program. Open the program when installation is complete.

Step 2

Place a blank DVD in your DVD burner. In the AVS Video Converter window, click the "To DVD" button from the selection of buttons at the top of the window.

Step 3

Click the "Browse" Button to the right of the "Input File Name" box and select the file you created when you captured your video from the camcorder tape.

Step 4

Click the "Browse" button next to the "Output File" field, and select your DVD burner.

Step 5

Select a profile of pre-configured settings, used to convert your video file and burn the result to a DVD. Click the "Advanced" button, if required, to customize some options used in the conversion process, such as bit-rate and the pixel size of the image. Click "Convert Now" to burn your video file to DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the manufacturer's default settings for capturing and converting video to speed up and simplify the capture and conversion process.
  • Do not use the "Advanced Options" for the video conversion process unless you have a specific result in mind, as poorly configured conversion settings may result in poor DVD video quality.