How to Transfer Contacts from Sprint to Verizon

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Transferring contacts on your cell phone.

The use and complexity of cell phones has caused people to store large amounts of contact information directly on the cell phone. When changing cell phone providers or purchasing a new cell phone, many people want to directly transfer their contact information to the new phone. The process of saving contact information from a Sprint phone and transferring it to a Verizon phone is straightforward.


Step 1

Turn on the Sprint cell phone and log on to the Sprint website.

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Step 2

Register with Sprint Mobile Sync to begin storing your phone's contact information securely online. Once the Sprint cell phone is registered with the free service, any changes to the phone's contact list will be automatically updated and stored online.


Step 3

Download the Desktop Sync application from the Sprint website. Use Desktop Sync to transfer all of the Sprint phone's contact information to Microsoft Outlook.

Step 4

Purchase and activate the new Verizon cell phone. Go to Verizon's website. Register for and download the Verizon Backup Assistant syncing application.

Step 5

Use Verizon Backup Assistant to transfer the saved contact information from Microsoft Outlook to the Verizon phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Sprint cell phone

  • Verizon cell phone

  • Computer with Internet access and Microsoft Outlook

  • Sprint Mobile Sync

  • Contact information on Sprint cell phone

  • Verizon Backup Assistant


It's a good idea to use syncing applications to store contact information even if you're not buying a new phone or changing providers. Having the information stored online will save you a lot of time if the phone is lost or stolen.