How to Transfer Contacts in Outlook 2007

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Use the contacts in Outlook 2007 as your organizer for your customers and vendors. The Outlook contact interface has various areas to add detailed notes on your contacts. The "General" tab has sections for multiple email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers. You can even add a contact photo. The "Detail" tab contains sections for the contact's birthday, anniversary, spouse name, department name and nickname. When you are moving your contacts from different versions of Outlook, you may choose to export them so you can import them into Outlook 2007.

Step 1

Transfer contacts into Outlook 2007 by opening Outlook and clicking "File > Import and Export." Click "Import from another program or file." Click "Next." Click "Comma Separated Value (Windows)." Click "Next." In the "File to Import" option, click "Browse." Browse your computer and locate the comma separated value file. In the "Options" section, decide if want to include duplicates in the import. If you choose not to import duplicate contacts, select "Do not import duplicate items." Click "Next."

Step 2

Click on the folder to transfer your contacts. Click "Next." Use the "Map Custom Fields" button to map fields from your comma separated values file to Outlook. If necessary, drag fields from the comma separated values file to the Outlook mapping file. Click "OK." Click "Finish."

Step 3

View the "Import and Export" progress window. The import is done when the progress window goes away. View your newly imported contacts by clicking on the folder selected during the import process.