How to Transfer data Between a cell phone and computer

By Chris Yokum

Syncing files between your cell phone and computer is a necessity. Users who have Palm and Windows mobile devices can easily synchronize information because there are built-in applications for doing so. Users without access to these types of programs must rely on other ways to keep information synchronized. With a few steps, you'll learn how to transfer data between a cell phone and computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile Action Handset Manager Kit

Step 1

Purchase the Mobile Action Handset Manager Kit compatible with your cell phone. It has a user-friendly interface and makes transferring files to a cell phone painless. There are an ample amount of features built into it as well. Make sure that you buy the version of this product that matches your cell phone. Certain connections and features will only work with the correct model.

Step 2

Install the software application onto your chosen computer. If you have doubts about this process, then consider viewing the included demo first. It will soon prompt you to choose your current cell phone model and then plug in your USB cable. Follow the instructional prompts for a successful setup process.

Step 3

Plug your cell phone into your computer and install any necessary drivers if prompted. Your computer will automatically detect your connected cell phone if you correctly installed all necessary components. Unplugging your cell phone from the computer without being prompted will cause you to install a new set of device drivers. If possible, avoid doing this.

Step 4

Select the “Contacts” button to transfer your information to your computer from the cell phone. Any contact that has been saved on your phone or SIM chip will be automatically downloaded onto your chosen computer. This will give you a secure backup of this vital information.

Step 5

Select the “Messaging” feature to download your text messages from your cell phone onto your computer system. This tool comes in handy if you have a ton of text messages and hate to permanently erase them. Every time your text messaging folder gets filled up, you'll be able to dump the excess messages onto your computer.

Step 6

Download all photos and videos from your cell phone onto your computer via the Handset Manager program. Instead of having to pay high Internet prices for transferring photos and videos, you can save some money by going this route. Just select the “Album” feature to get started. It will guide you through the process of transferring this data.

Step 7

Use the File Manager feature to drag and drop other files from your cell phone to your computer. Although this process may take a bit more time, it is worth it in the end. You can easily transfer all pictures and sounds via this method.