How to Transfer Data Between Computers Via USB

By Paul Lin

Since the introduction of the portable storage device and flash drives, transferring large data files between computers has become quicker. Many laptop and desktop computers are now equipped with one or multiple USB ports that allow you to connect a storage device to any computer. With a storage device, USB cable and USB port, you can transfer videos, photos and other files with a few clicks and drags of the computer mouse.

Things You'll Need

  • External storage device (with USB cable)

Step 1

Purchase a USB flash drive or portable storage drive with a USB connector cable.

Step 2

Connect the USB cable from your storage device to your computer. If you have a flash drive, plug the device into your computer's USB port. The USB ports might be located on the front, side or back of your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 3

Select the data files you wish to transfer and copy them onto your storage device. This might take several minutes depending on the size of your files.

Step 4

Safely disconnect your storage drive. For Mac, drag the storage drive icon to the garbage bin in the bottom right corner to safely eject your storage device. For PC, right-click the external device icon in the bottom right corner and select "Safely remove device."

Step 5

Disconnect your flash drive or USB connector and connect it into your other computer. Wait for the computer to recognize the external device.

Step 6

Double-click the device icon to open a new window. Retrieve the files you want to transfer and copy them onto your computer to a designated folder or area. To copy on a Mac, select your files and press the "Command" and "C" key. For a PC, press "Control" and "C" keys.