How to Transfer Files Wirelessly

By Jessica Reed

Sending files between computers doesn't have to be an enormous hassle. Any two computers connected to the same network--a fancy way of saying two computers using the same Internet connection--can share files with each other without having to go through the frustration of emailing files, saving a file to a disk and downloading it on another computer, or sending it through a slow Internet program. Learn how to transfer your files quickly and efficiently between computers.

Step 1

Connect the two computers to the same network.

Step 2

Find the file you wish to share on the computer that will be sending it. Click "Start," select "My Computer" and open the folder the file is in.

Step 3

Right-click on the file and select "Properties" from the bottom of the menu. Select the "Sharing" tab at the top of the "Properties" menu. Check the box beside "Share this folder on the network."

Step 4

Click "OK." Open "My Computer" again if it is not still open.

Step 5

Right-click anywhere inside the "My Computer" screen, as long as it's not on a file, and select "Properties" from the menu that appears. Select the "Computer Name" tab. The name beside "Full Computer Name" is the name of your computer.

Step 6

Have the person receiving the file type " \\yourcomputername " into the URL bar at the top of their "My Computer" menu. Leave out the quotation marks and replace "yourcomputername" with the actual name of your computer.

Step 7

Press "Enter." Their computer should connect to yours and show the files available to them from your computer. Have them click the file they wish to transfer to their computer. They should drag and drop it onto the desktop, or open a folder they wish to send the file to and drag it there. The file will automatically begin to transfer.