How to Transfer Photos to an iPhone Using iTunes

By Lara Webster

Since its inception, the iPhone has allowed users to take a plethora of photos with their device, which can then be transferred to their computer. Another benefit of the phone is the ability to take photos from a computer and put them onto the iPhone. This feature allows users to show family and friends all of their favorite digital images right on their phone. iTunes is used to facilitate the transfer of photos from a computer to an iPhone.

Step 1

Attach your iPhone to your computer using the USB cord that came with the device. Open iTunes, if it does not open automatically.

Step 2

Click on the name of the iPhone in the left-hand toolbar in iTunes.

Step 3

Click on the "Photos" tab from the iPhone screen menu bar.

Step 4

Check the box next to "Sync Photos" and then select either "All Folders" or "Selected Folders." If you choose "Selected Folders," check the box next to each folder of pictures from your computer that you want to sync with your iPhone.

Step 5

Click "Apply" in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The photos in the selected folders will be added to your device. Do not disconnect your iPhone until the message field at the top of iTunes states that the sync is complete.