How to Transfer Pictures From Computer to External Storage

Moving your pictures to external storage is the best way to back up your digital photos against catastrophic drive failure. While external storage used to refer only to hard drives and memory cards, cloud storage has expanded the external storage options available. Choosing a storage method depends on your budget and needs regarding security and ease of sharing.

Flash drive
USB flash drives and other external devices are common storage methods.
credit: Ensup/iStock/Getty Images

External Drives and Cards

Transferring your pictures to a connected external drive, flash drive or memory card is generally the standard way to back up your pictures externally. After connecting the storage device to your computer via a USB cable or card slot, open the folders for both your pictures and the drive. Drag and drop the pictures into a folder on the drive or card. External drives and cards have the advantage of increased security as they aren't connected to the Internet when disconnected from your computer. However, because they must be physically connected to a computer, they are a little less convenient for sharing.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides an alternative if purchasing an external hard drive or memory card isn't an option. Upload your photos to the online server, where they are stored and can be downloaded at any time. The ability to download gives cloud storage the advantage of easier sharing via the download links. Cloud storage isn't 100 percent secure, so be careful what you store with it. Popular cloud storage options include iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.