How to Transfer Songs From a PC to an iPod

By Andrew Smith

Music can be downloaded as well as ripped onto a computer. Music files can be listened to using audio software such as iTunes. The iTunes software can also be used to transfer audio files from your PC to any iPod you may own. To start, you will need to add the music files on your PC to the iTunes library. You will then have the option of transferring any of those files onto an iPod.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes program

Step 1

Download and install iTunes.

Step 2

Open iTunes.

Step 3

Click "File" and options will show up in a drop-box. Choose "Add Folder to Library." A window will open.

Step 4

Locate the folder that has your music. Highlight this folder and then click "OK." The music on the PC will be added to iTunes.

Step 5

Connect the iPod to your computer. When the iTunes software recognizes your iPod, the program will list the portable media player under "Devices."

Step 6

Click "Music" in the top left of iTunes to see every album that you added to iTunes. These albums will appear in the center of iTunes.

Step 7

Double click the album that has songs you want to transfer from the PC to your iPod. Songs will then be listed in the center of the software program.

Step 8

Select each song you wish to transfer from the PC to your iPod. Then, drag those songs over to the iPod that is listed under "Devices." Each song will be transferred onto the device.

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