How to Troubleshoot a Blinking LCD

By Jason Candanedo

An LCD television is a television set that employs LCD technology, which essentially is a thin layer on the display composed of liquid crystals. This thin layer of liquid crystals is then illuminated by a backlight. The liquid crystals give off the sharpest and most detailed picture available. Sometimes, you may find that your LCD TV has a blinking light on its display. When you encounter this issue, you can usually fix it by resetting the TV.

Step 1

Examine the front of your LCD television set and see if there are any lights blinking. If there is a light blinking, this means that the television is in protection mode needs to undergo the resetting process.

Step 2

Locate the television's power cable and remove the cable from its power source.

Step 3

Allow 60 seconds to pass. This will usually reset the LCD television and take it out of protection mode. Ensure that you wait the full 60 seconds. Any less time will not correct the issue.

Step 4

Plug the television's power cable back into the power source and turn on the LCD TV. The light should not be blinking any longer, and the problem should be corrected.