How to Troubleshoot a Canon MX340

By Bennett Gavrish

The Canon MX340 is a wireless printer that's capable of scanning, faxing, copying and printing over a Wi-Fi network. When you set up a Canon MX340 printer for the first time, the device's software walks you through the process of connecting the printer to your local wireless network. If your Canon MX340 fails to connect to the Internet or stops performing one of its functions, you can troubleshoot it with a series of router configuration steps.

Step 1

Look for a solid or blinking light next to "Power" on the front of your modem and wireless router. If there's no light, plug each device's power adapter into a wall outlet. Also, plug an Ethernet cable into the "Output" port on the modem and the "Input" or "WAN" port on the router if the two devices aren't already connected.

Step 2

Launch a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Navigate to a known working website, such as a search engine, to test the Wi-Fi network. If the browser loads the page, your local Wi-Fi network is working.

Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on the front of the Canon MX340 until you see "Device settings" on the LCD screen. Then press "OK."

Step 4

Use the left and right arrow buttons to select "LAN Settings" and then press "OK."

Step 5

Use the left and right arrow buttons to select "WLAN Active/Inactive" and then press "OK."

Step 6

Select the "Wireless LAN Active" option and press "OK."

Step 7

Enable the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or DHCP, on your wireless router and then try printing from the Canon MX340 again. To enable DHCP, launch the management program associated with your router and look for the "Network" or "TCP/IP" section. From there, you're able to switch from static addressing to DHCP and save the setting. Exact instructions differ per router, so consult the user guide.

Step 8

Perform a manual network configuration by clicking on the "Manual Setup" button from the Detected Access Points window that appears when you try to print from the Canon MX340.

Step 9

Enter the name of your local Wi-Fi network and the type of security encryption it uses in the appropriate fields. Then hit "Connect."

Step 10

Enter the password for your local Wi-Fi network in the dialog box that appears and hit "OK" to manually connect your Canon MX340 to the network.