How to Troubleshoot a Frozen Kindle

By Spanner Spencer

The Kindle is a proprietary e-book reader designed and sold by The device uses a black-and-white "e-Ink" display to simulate print and paper. E-Ink is an efficient display technology that only draws power from the Kindle's battery when the image changes, but no power is consumed to maintain its current state. For this reason, the Kindle can sometimes appear to be frozen when in actuality it has a dead battery or a power fault.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle battery charger

Step 1

Connect the Kindle to its battery charger and let the device charge for at least five minutes.

Step 2

Turn on the Kindle by sliding the power switch to the right. The display will illuminate and the power light will turn green if the Kindle is working. In this case, let the device charge for several hours.

Step 3

Slide the Kindle's power switch to the right and hold it for 15 seconds if the Kindle does not activate after a five-minute charge. This will force the device to perform a hard reset. Let the Kindle cycle through its shutdown and reboot procedure. During this time, the display will go blank and then become active.

Step 4

Open the "Manage Your Kindle" page at if the hard reset procedure doesn't resolve the Kindle's problem. Click the "Contact Us" link to report the problem to the customer service department. Provide details of the troubleshooting procedures you've already attempted in your message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid placing the Kindle in close proximity to strong magnetic fields, which can adversely affect the device's e-Ink display.