How to Troubleshoot a Polaroid TV DVD Combo

By Greyson Ferguson

Although Polaroid is most known for its camera products, the company has ventured off into making other electronic products, including LCD televisions. Some of the TVs even have built-in DVD players, making it easy to watch video content on your television. However, you can run into a few issues with the television that distort the video quality of the picture. Most of these problems you can troubleshoot and fix yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air

Step 1

Press the "DVD" button on the TV/DVD combo. If the device is not on "DVD," you are not going to be able to view the DVD content.

Step 2

Check the cable connections between the television and the outside sources, such as a cable/satellite receiver or a video game system. If the cables are not hooked up properly, you will lose signal or have no signal at all.

Step 3

Spray a few shots of compressed air into the DVD drive (with the drive empty of DVDs). As you insert DVDs into the DVD drive, dust and other debris can find a way into the drive. The dust clings to the laser and lens of the DVD drive, causing your movies to skip. The compressed air forces the dust off of the lens.

Step 4

Check the bottom of the DVDs. If a disc is scratched or dirty, it is not going to play properly in the disc drive. Clean off the DVD or use a repair kit to buff out small scratches.

Step 5

Change the stations on the Polaroid TV/DVD combo. If you see an image on the screen that isn't removing, it is called a "burn-in." This occasionally occurs on flat-screen televisions. You cannot fix this issue, so contact the company about replacing your set. Likewise, if you have bright lights emerging form the corners of the TV, this is light leaking because the case around the LCD screen is not installed properly. You cannot correct this issue yourself, either, so contact the company.