How to Troubleshoot an Ademco Vista-20P

By Maikeisha Cuyler

There are a few times when you will receive a trouble code message from your Ademco Vista-20P alarm. You will need to take steps to clear the trouble code which will be displayed on the monitor. It only takes a minute. Refer to the owner's manual for help.The Ademco Vista-20P alarm includes key switch arming, built-in phone line monitoring and user scheduling. The system combines fire, emergency and burglary alarm monitoring into one unit. You can be confident that your residence is secure with the advanced fire and burglary alarm technology of the Vista-20P.

Step 1

Determine whether the zones displayed with the trouble code are intact when "Check" followed by one or more zones displays. The zones identify each protection point monitored by the system. Correct the zones if needed, and then clear the display.

Step 2

Replace the alarm battery when "Lo Bat" or "Bat" with a zone number displays. Be sure to replace the battery within 30 days of receiving the trouble code or the "Check" code will be activated.

Step 3

Check for interference blocking the wireless sensors of the alarm after weather conditions occur when "Rcvr Jam" or "Check 90" displays. The trouble code indicates that outside interference is blocking the operation of the wireless sensors.

Step 4

Check circuit breakers and fuses, and reset or replace if needed, when "AC Loss" or "No AC" shows on the monitor. Call your local utility authority if required.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes for the trouble code to disappear when "Modem Comm" or "CC" displays. This message verifies only that the control unit is online with the central monitoring station's remote computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call the customer service line of the central monitoring station if you receive any other trouble codes. Contact the customer service department, especially if you receive the "Alarm 1 xx" or "Fault 1 xx" code, "Check 70" or Bell failure code, or "Check 94" or Telco fault code.