How to Troubleshoot an iPhone With No Sound

By Shawn Farner

The iPhone is capable of playing audio through both its built-in speaker and a pair of headphones via the 2.5 millimeter audio jack. There are instances, however, when the iPhone does not play audio when expected. There are several steps you can take to locate the source of the problem and fix your iPhone's audio, but if your audio still isn't working after trying these methods, you should let an Apple-store professional take a look at your device.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone
  • Set of headphones

Step 1

Play a song on your iPhone using the iPod application and press the top volume button on the left side of the device to increase the volume.

Step 2

Plug in a set of headphones and then disconnect them. Sometimes, your iPhone believes that headphones are plugged in when they aren't. Plugging in and unplugging a pair will sometimes resolve this problem.

Step 3

Check your Bluetooth settings to make sure your audio isn't being routed through a Bluetooth headset. Tap the "Settings" icon to open the Settings menu, then tap "General." Bluetooth should be set to "Off."

Step 4

Reset your iPhone by holding both the Home and Power buttons until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. When your iPhone reboots, try playing a song through the iPod application.

Step 5

Take your iPhone to an Apple store if you don't have audio after trying the above steps. A certified Apple professional at the Genius Bar can look at your phone and determine the reason your iPhone's audio is malfunctioning.