How to Troubleshoot AT&T U-Verse

By Patrick Nelson

Like many cable operators, phone operator AT&T bundles home phone with Internet and television via its U-verse services. The services use Internet Protocols via copper or fiber lines, rather than classic cable. Problems with these services can be related to picture and sound problems with the TV service, Internet slowdowns or outages, and features not being enabled on the Voice service. Correct these issues through troubleshooting.

Things You'll Need

  • DSL Line Filters

Step 1

Reboot the U-verse receiver if you experience problems with the U-verse TV picture. Hold the power button for about five seconds and the equipment resets. It can take up to eight minutes for the picture to come back up, but blue screen, freezing and other problems should be rectified.

Step 2

Unplug the residential gateway from the wall if you continue to have TV problems. The gateway is distinct from the receiver. Check that the cables are all connected tightly if you experience sound issues.

Step 3

Check the U-verse gateway lights if you experience Internet outages or slowdowns. The lights should all be green. If you see red lights, there can be a problem with the broadband signal, or the hardware. Reboot the gateway by unplugging the power from the wall, then plugging it back in.

Step 4

Make sure all of the filters are still installed if you continue to have trouble. All phone jacks that have phones, faxes and so on attached must have a filter between it and the jack.

Step 5

Make sure that features you want are activated on U-verse Voice if the service isn't behaving as you think it should. Activate Call Waiting by dialing "*371#." Turn on Anonymous Call Blocking by dialing "*77#." Caller ID on TV should be automatically activated during the install.

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