How to Troubleshoot the Picture on a 46 Inch Sony Bravia

By Natasha Carlton

The 46-inch Sony Bravia is just one of the different televisions models that the company produces. As with all electronics, problems develop that affect different aspects of the equipment. One of the areas for the Sony Bravia is the picture display. The problems range from blurry images to no images at all. The company provides several ways to troubleshoot the issues so that customers are able to enjoy a television that displays a crisp, clear picture.

Step 1

Check the all of the connections including the cable connections and the antenna. If the picture is fuzzy, shows double images, has a snowy display or shows no picture at all then a cable is possibly loose.

Step 2

Eliminate noise factors near the television. Normally a television suffering from noise disturbance will have dotted lines or stripes displaying on the screen. To eliminate this move the Sony Bravia television farther away from the problematic sources.

Step 3

Change the settings for "Picture Mode." If the television is showing a dark image or a picture that has no color, then accessing the menu screen will give you the option to adjust the picture settings. Change the settings until the picture is showing properly.

Step 4

Turn off your television and allow it to settle. When relocating the television to a place with a different temperature, it could distort the picture causing it to appear blurry. If this is the case, turn the television off for a few hours to let it acclimate to its new surroundings.

Step 5

Contact Customer Support. If the problem still does not resolve itself, then it is necessary to contact customer support for further assistance. Visit Sony's website to converse with its customer support team via chat, email or by telephone (see Resources).