How to Turn a PC Into a Media Server

By Jim Campbell

Your Windows 7 computer lets you set up the operating system as a media server. You share your music and movies from your computer, and other computers on the network detect the shared media. Media Player then plays these movies and music files from anywhere on your network. To turn your PC into a media server, you must first share your files on the computer.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button on the computer you want to act as a media server. Click "Control Panel" to open a configuration window.

Step 2

Click "Network and Internet" in the Control Panel and then click "HomeGroup." Check the box next to the media you want to share. Check both "Music" and "Videos" to share both media types.

Step 3

Check the box labeled "Share my pictures, music, and videos to all devices on my network." Click "Save Changes" to save the settings.

Step 4

Click the Windows "Start" button again. Click "All Programs" and click "Media Player." In the opened application, click the "Library" tab. Click "Media Sharing" to open a configuration window.

Step 5

Check the box labeled "Share my media" in the opened window. Click "OK" to complete the sharing configurations. Your computer now hosts and shares media for the rest of the users on your network.