How to Turn a Voicemail Off

By Robert Schrader

One of the greatest conveniences of owning a cell phone is that you can make and receive calls from almost anywhere. Additionally, if you happen to miss a call when you're out and about, the person whose call you missed can leave you a voicemail message. If, however, you don't enjoy this feeling of constant connectedness and would rather only speak with people at the time that they call, you can turn the voicemail feature off. As procedures vary depending on your carrier and handset, the easiest way to do so is to contact your carrier directly.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

Step 1

Call your cell phone provider's customer care hotline. Depending on your handset on carrier, you may be able to hit a "Customer Care" button, then "Talk." For many carriers, you can also dial "611" and hit talk to be taken to customer care.

Step 2

Inform the representative who answers that you would like to disable your phone's voicemail. Inquire about the procedure you'll need to follow if you ever want to turn it back on in the future.

Step 3

Call your cell phone from a different number. Don't answer your cell phone. Wait on the line with the other phone to your ear and make sure you get a message in the vein of "I'm sorry, but this person hasn't set up the voicemail box yet. Goodbye." If you don't, call customer service back and inform them that your voicemail is still active.