How to Turn Off a Locked Function Key

By Stephen Lilley

The "Function" key on your computer allows you to use certain secondary functions on some of your keyboard's keys. For example, you may need to press the "Function" key along with one of the "F" row keys if you want to do something like increase or decrease the volume of your speakers using your keyboard. If a "Function" key is locked, that means the secondary functions of all these keys is enabled by default. You can turn off a locked "Function" key using a specific key combination.

Step 1

Locate the "FN" key in the lower left corner of your keyboard and the "Num Lock" (sometimes called "Pad Lock") key in the upper right corner of your keyboard.

Step 2

Press and hold the "FN" keyboard key.

Step 3

Press and hold the "Num Lock" or "Pad Lock" keyboard keys.

Step 4

Release both keys to disable the locked function key on your computer.