How to Turn Off an iPod Touch without Using the Top Button

By Spanner Spencer

The main form of user input on the iPod touch is through its touchscreen. The device only has four external, physical buttons, including the home button, volume up and down buttons, and the power button located on top of the casing. This button is used to put the iPod touch into sleep mode, and to wake it up again. The home button can also be used to wake the iPod touch, but only the power button can be used to put it to sleep. By changing the iPod touch's settings, you can allow the device to automatically sleep soon after you stop using it.

Step 1

Launch the Settings application on your iPod Touch by tapping its icon on the home screen.

Step 2

Tap the "General" option, followed by the "Auto-Lock" button. This setting allows you to determine how long the iPod touch will remain active without being used.

Step 3

Tap the "1 Minute" option at the top of the screen. A check mark will appear to the right of the setting.

Step 4

Press the home button to return to the iPod touch's home screen. Do not touch the device's home button, volume buttons or touchscreen; allow it to time out and automatically turn off after one minute.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turn your iPod touch back on by pressing the home button.
  • The iPod touch will automatically turn itself off when the battery drops below 5 percent.