How to Turn Off Music on an iPod Touch

By Pat Smith

The iPod Touch doesn't have a "stop" button for music, which can be confusing when you are first getting used to the device. Instead, there's a pause button -- the parallel vertical lines -- that pauses the music and remembers where it stops when you begin playing again. Once you get used to it, you'll be using the iPod Touch controls like a pro. Once you've stopped the music, when you go to another app on your iPod Touch, the music stays off.

Step 1

Tap the screen while the music is playing if the iPod Touch has gone to a black screen, or tap the "sleep" button on the top to wake up the screen.

Step 2

Press the "pause" button, or double vertical lines, located under the image for the currently playing music to stop the music.

Step 3

Press the home button, which is the circle at the bottom of the device, to return to the main screen and avoid accidentally turning the music on again.