How to Turn Off Ringback Tones

By Chris Miksen

Ringback tones are different from ringtones, because ringback tones allow you to choose part of a song and play it back to the person who is calling you, so the recipient will hear the song when calling your phone. However, ringback tones, just like ringtones, can become stale and you may wish to turn them off. Wireless provider's make it fairly straightforward on how to manage your ringback tones.

Step 1

Go to your wireless provider's website. Click on the "My account" button. Wording may vary depending on the provider. The button is labeled "My Verizon" for Verizon and "Manage My Account" for AT&T.

Step 2

Sign into your account. Click "Register" if you do not have an account. You must supply information, such as your cell phone number, Social Security number, name and address to register for a new account.

Step 3

Click the "My Settings" tab or anything similarly worded. Click "Ringback Tones" or something close, such as "Answer Tones" from AT&T or "CallerTunes" from T-Mobile.

Step 4

Turn the desired ringback tones off. All wireless provider's have a different way of doing this, such as simply clicking a "Disable" button or clicking a check box next to the ringtone to uncheck it and turn it off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ringback tones are subscription-based. Turning them off will not remove them from your phone nor will it remove the subscription. Call your wireless provider's customer service to remove the ringback tone subscription if you wish to remove the feature completely.