How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Windows

By Brendan O'Brien

Windows safe mode is a feature that allows you to troubleshoot problems that arise on your computer with only the most basic processes, drivers and applications running. You will not be able to surf the web in safe mode, and your computer screen will look a little fuzzy because your system will be using the standard video driver. After you finish making the necessary adjustments to your system, you can easily jump right back into your computer's normal mode.

Step 1

Finish your maintenance or troubleshooting in Windows safe mode.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of your desktop.

Step 3

Scroll up and click the "Shutdown" button, then scroll over and hit "Restart" in Windows 7 and Vista. Your system will reboot to its normal mode.

Step 4

Click the red "Turn Off Computer" button if you are in Windows XP. After your system has completely turned off, click the "On" button on your computer tower. Your system will reboot to its normal mode.