How to Turn on Flash Player on Microsoft Internet Explorer

By Jonah Quant

Flash is a programming and execution framework created by Adobe, for interactive and multimedia applications. Flash is widely used by websites to deliver interactive content. To be able to execute a Flash file, a Web browser needs special software -- a "Flash Player plug-in." You can install the Flash Player plug-in and configure it to work with the Internet Explorer browser.

Things You'll Need

  • Administrator access to the computer

Step 1

Log in to the computer as Administrator. Launch Internet Explorer by double-clicking on its desktop icon, then navigate to the "Download Adobe Flash Player" Web page (see Resources.) Click on the download link.

Step 2

Wait until the download completes. Click on "Install." The installation will proceed automatically. When the installation is complete, you will see the Flash logo.

Step 3

Click on "Tools," then on "Internet options" on the Internet Explorer window. Select "Security," then click on the "Internet" icon near the top of the window. Click on "Default level," then move the slider control to "Medium" and click "Apply." Internet Explorer is ready to display Flash content using the Flash Player plug-in.