How to Turn on ooVoo Effects

By Kefa Olang

ooVoo is a instant messaging program that not only allows you to video chat with family and friends all around the world, but also record and send short video messages. The video effects feature makes video conversations out of the ordinary. If you are feeling creative, you change your face by adding effect such as a mustache, hat, and color. Downloading and turning on effects in ooVoo is a quick and simple process that will enhance your video conversations.

Step 1

Launch ooVoo and log into your account.

Step 2

Select the contact you want to start a video call with, and then click the "Call" button to open the video call window.

Step 3

Click "Download video effects" on the video window. The installation wizard will launch. Follow the guided prompts to install the effects. Once installed, the "Download video effects" link will automatically change to "Enable effects."

Step 4

Click the "Enable effects." Alternatively, click the drop-down arrow on your video call window, and then click "Turn on video effects" to enable video effects. You will see a list of the effects you installed.

Step 5

Scroll through the list and click the effect you want to use. Once selected, the effect is automatically added to your video call.

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