How to Turn on the Wireless on a Laptop

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Laptop computers bring more than leisure with their portability, as wireless Internet connectivity has become an industry standard. Requiring nothing more than what came built-in and a wireless router to connect to, you will be able to get going in no time. However, many different laptops have many different ways to connect online, and turning on the wireless is the first step to getting you online wirelessly.


Step 1

Flip a switch on the side or front of your laptop that says "Wi-Fi" or shows a radar symbol. HP laptops, for example, have a bar that slides from "On" to "Off," going from an orange light to a blue light (when turned on).

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Step 2

Determine which key turns on your wireless if your laptop does not have a switch on the side or front. Looking at the "F" keys at the very top of your keyboard; one of them will have the symbol of a radar or say "Wi-Fi." Holding the "Fn" key and hitting this key will turn the wireless on.


Step 3

Make sure wireless is enabled. In Windows, right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage." Click "Services" in the left pane and find "WLAN Auto-Config." Make sure it is enabled; otherwise, right click and choose "Enable." For an Apple, click the radar sybmol at the top of your screen and choose "Turn Wireless On."


Even if your wireless is on, you still need a Wi-Fi signal to which to connect.


Your wireless card can sometimes be faulty, in which case a replacement is needed. If you follow all steps and still can't connect to the Internet, contact your manufacturer.