How to Turn Your Android Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

By Jennifer Ramirez

Have you ever wanted to use the Internet from your phone on other devices? With the Google Android operating system, it can be done. If you have Android 2.2, this feature is already built in. You only need to know how to use it. Understanding how to use this tool will protect your privacy, allow you to make the most of your phone's Internet connection and much more. The Wi-Fi tether setting was added to this version of the operation system by request from users of Android 2.1.

Creating an Android Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Step 1

Open the settings by going to "Applications" and selecting "Settings" or by pressing the "Menu" button on the home screen and going to "Settings." The settings application on Android allows you to change various functionality aspects of the phone. In this application, you will find the "Tethering & Portable Hot Spot" button.

Step 2

Press the "Tethering & Portable Hot Spot" button to open the submenu of the settings application. You will notice some things you can change about the hot spot you will be creating.

Step 3

Enable the hot spot by checking the "Portable Hot Spot" box. This will create the basic hot spot through your phone.

Step 4

Click the "Configure" button to change information about the hot spot you're creating. A box will appear where it says network SSID. You can put in the name you desire for the Wi-Fi network you want to create. The name will help you find it among a list of other available hot spots.

Step 5

Click the "Security" button and select "Password." Input the password that you would like to use to log on to the network. Setting a password will protect your privacy and sensitive information. Using a password on your new hot spot is strongly recommended to keep unwanted people out.

Step 6

Save your changes and begin using your new Wi-Fi hot spot with your other Wi-Fi-enabled devices by connecting to the network and entering your password.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your passwords safe from others in order to keep your Wi-Fi connection secure and protect your data.