How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Microphone Transmitter

By Andrew Hoffman

You can turn any cell phone on from a remote location and use it as a surveillance bug. The FBI has this ability, and anyone capable of an Internet search can purchase the software that allows the FBI to track your phone and eavesdrop on your calls. However, if you simply want to turn your cell phone into a microphone -- maybe you're at a concert and want to share the experience -- you don't need special software. With a few simple changes to the settings, you can turn your phone into a microphone transmitter and listen from another phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone with hands-free set and cord
  • Phone

Step 1

Change your cell phone to its "Silent" mode. To listen to the microphone, you will have to call it, so you do not want the "microphone" ringing.

Step 2

Set the cell phone on "Auto answer" from the phone's call settings. When you call up your "microphone," the connection will open automatically.

Step 3

Plug the hands-free unit into the cell phone.

Step 4

Place your cell phone and hands-free unit with microphone wherever you would like to listen.

Step 5

Go to another location and call the cell phone from another phone. The cell phone will answer automatically without ringing, and the microphone of the hands-free set will pick up everything said around it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many cell phones can record calls, allowing you to use this microphone as a tape recorder.
  • Recording people without their consent is illegal. Conversations between individuals are private, unless otherwise notified, so almost any form of audio surveillance is illegal.