How to Type in Symptoms and Get a Diagnosis

By Jayzee A

If you are ever feeling under the weather but not quite sure what is wrong with you, Web MD offers an online tool called the symptom checker. The symptom checker allows you to pick and choose from a list of symptoms. After you choose which symptoms you are suffering from, the symptom checker provides you with a list of possible conditions. The symptom checker comes in handy when you cannot distinguish minor ailments you are suffering from --- such as the cold and flu.

Step 1

Visit the symptom checker on the Web MD website (see Resource 1).

Step 2

Click "Start Now." Enter your sex and age. Click on "Submit" to check your symptoms.

Step 3

Click on the "General Symptoms" tab to choose general symptoms you are suffering from. The "General Symptoms" tab is located on the left window pane. Click on the symptoms to add them to "Your Symptoms" List.

Step 4

Return to the "All Symptoms" tab located on the left window pane. Choose a body part to enter more symptoms.

Step 5

Review your possible symptoms. Your possible symptoms are located in the box labeled "Conditions Associated With The Selected Symptoms."

Step 6

Click on a possible condition to learn about its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Step 7

See your doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

Tips & Warnings

  • For more help using the symptom checker, view the tutorial (see Resource 2).
  • Only a health care professional can diagnose your condition. Use the online symptom checker as a reference.