How to Unblock a Proxy Server

By Greyson Ferguson

Blockers are commonly used on Internet servers. This allows the administrator of the server to be able to shut off access to specific websites or content. However, there is a way to maneuver around the server and unblock most websites. This is through a proxy. Using a proxy will shield the user's IP address. Because the IP address is blocked, the server won't recognize it as part of the server and will allow it to bypass on the block settings that were created.

Step 1

Navigate to a Proxy site online. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Proxy sites available online. Links to three different sites are available in "Additional Resources," below.

Step 2

Click on the browser bar in the Proxy site. Type the URL of the blocked website you want to visit in the browser bar of the Proxy and hit "Enter." You will be taken to the site.

Step 3

Make sure to only search for content within the Proxy site. If you need to go to a new website, return to the Proxy site. Once you type a new URL into the web browser, you will leave the proxy site and your Internet access will now be monitored by the server.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some servers will have proxies on their "Blacklist," which is the list of sites not allowed. But because new proxy sites go up every day, the server will not be able to keep up and block all of them.