How to Unblock Blocked Calls on Cell Phones

By Mitchell White

If you've ever received harassing phone calls from a blocked number, you probably know how much you wanted to find out who was doing this to you. You may also have wanted to discover the source of the blocked call. It is possible, in some cases, to use an online service to "unblock" a phone call and get the number of the person who just called you.

Step 1

Visit a website with a service that can help you identify blocked calls. An example is TrapCall (See Resources). This is an experimental service you can try out completely free of charge.

Step 2

Click on the button that will let you try out the service for free on the main website. This will take you to a service page. Click on the "Free" option. On the next page, you'll input your cell phone number, your time zone and your service provider.

Step 3

Check the "I agree to the Terms of Service" box and then click on "Next step." It will tell you to input some numbers into your phone. After you've done this, click on the button marked "OK" and on the one marked "Done." Wait for the confirmation code to come, in the form of a voice-mail, on your cell phone.

Step 4

Enter your name back on the webpage, along with the confirmation code and click "Next Step." After you've fully registered, all you have to do is wait until a blocked number calls you. Reject the call, and then the service will unblock the number for you, showing the number of the caller on your phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to know additional information, such as the name of the caller, you'll need to actually register for a service plan rather than just use the trial version.

References & Resources