How to Unblur a Picture on an IPhone or IPod

IPhones, with their built-in cameras, have been embraced by both amateur and professional photographers -- with competitions, like the iPhone Photography Awards -- springing up to recognize this popular way to capture photos. However, you may not be completely satisfied with your shots on the iPhone, perhaps because they are focused on the wrong spot or blurred by motion. You can sharpen photos with apps and prevent blurry photos by using special smartphone camera app techniques.

Woman using cellular phone
Basic photography techniques and apps can help you sharpen your iPhone shots.
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Post Processing with Photo Apps

There are many free apps that will help you sharpen up a photo once you've taken a shot; Adobe Photoshop, Instagram and Snapseed for example. As iPhone use grows in the photography scene, more developers are releasing tools for image post processing. While these apps can remove some blurriness from your photos, they will often increase the noise in your image, especially if it was taken in a low light setting. There is only so much a post-processing that an app can do. The best blur prevention is to set the right camera focus, improve light conditions and decrease camera movement before snapping a photo.

Stabilize Your IPhone

Your iPhone photos may be suffering from motion blur. Your hand, heartbeat, or environment can vibrate your phone just enough to ruin an image. Brace yourself against a stationary structure, like a wall, or stand still with your elbows tucked into your chest. There are even third-party tripod products, like the GorillaPod, ATC Universal Tripod and Joby GripTight, which can give your photos a new level of stability.

Increase Light

When your iPhone camera is in low-light environments, the shutter will stay open longer to get information and snap a photo. This increases the likelihood of getting a blurry photo. Before you take a picture, see if you can turn on more lights or find an angle with more ambient light.

Focus Lock

Have you ever taken a picture of a person or object, only to find that the background is crisp and your subject is blurry? This happens when your camera focuses on the wrong area of your shot, causing unwanted blurring. A small touchscreen trick can help you lock your camera's focus on a specific point, before you even take the picture. Open the Camera app on your IPhone and line up your shot. Choose the spot you'd like the camera to focus on. Press and hold your finger on that area of the touchscreen and a blue box will appear, surrounding the focus point. "AE/AF Lock" should appear at the bottom of your camera app. Hold your iPhone still and snap the photo. This technique should decrease blurriness due to incorrect focus points