How to Undelete Cell Phone Text Messages

By Palmer Owyoung

Besides making phone calls, sending text messages ("texting") is the most popular use of cell phones. Texting has made communicating with others much easier, and in many ways it is more convenient than talking on the phone. But sometimes you may accidentally delete an important text message. If it is work-related, it could prove to be very inconvenient, but you can easily undelete any cell phone text messages with a few easy steps.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card reader

Step 1

Purchase the right SIM card reader for your phone model (see Resources).

Step 2

Install the application that came on a CD-ROM with your purchase, or download and install it if you purchased it online.

Step 3

Take out the small white rectangular SIM card from the back of your cell phone by removing the back casing and the battery.

Step 4

Put the SIM card into the device and attach it to the USB port on your computer.

Step 5

Open up the software program that you installed earlier. Go to “File” and “Download Text Messages.” You will see a list of the active and deleted text messages in the partition on the right-hand side.

Step 6

Go to the deleted text message that you want to undelete (usually red-colored), right-click on it and choose “Undelete.”