How to Undo Call Forwarding

By Christell York

Call forwarding allows the user to transfer his landline or cell phone to another phone on a temporary basis. This service is reversible and the service is not deactivated until the user reverses it manually. Call forwarding can be used for any length of time and for any reason and can be reversed as often as it is used. Call forwarding of a landline phone requires a monthly subscription with the phone provider for the service to be used. Forwarding of a mobile device does not incur additional charges when performed from the device.

Landline Phone

Step 1

Dial "73#" from the landline phone that has been forwarded.

Step 2

Listen for two short tones followed by a dial tone. This is the indicator that the call-forwarding feature has been deactivated.

Step 3

Disconnect the call. Call forwarding has been removed.

Cell Phone

Step 1

Log into the wireless provider's web page to access your account.

Step 2

Select "My Plan."

Step 3

Select "Add/Change Features."

Step 4

Select "Call Forwarding."

Step 5

Remove the forwarding information from the account. The mobile device will no longer be forwarded.