How to Undo Tracking Changes in a Word Document

By Robert Schrader

Among the conveniences Microsoft's Word software affords it users is the Track Changes feature, which electronically notates any changes made to a document, with the option to show these changes visually. If you've turned on this feature -- purposely or otherwise -- and no longer wish to track the changes in your document, undoing it is simple. Although the procedure will vary slightly depending on which version of Word you use, it will only take a few moments.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word and the document for which you want to undo "Track Changes."

Step 2

In Word 2003 or an earlier version, click the "View" drop-down menu and select "Reviewing" from the "Toolbars" sub-menu. Click the "Show" button and check the following items: "Comments," "Ink Annotations," "Insertions and Deletions," "Formatting" and "Reviewer." Click the arrow next to the "Reject Change" button and click "Reject All Changes in Document." If you wish to delete the corresponding comments, click the arrow next to the "Reject Change" button and click "Delete All Comments in Document."

Step 3

In Word 2007 and 2010, click the "Review" tab in the Ribbon and move your mouse over the "Tracking" pane. Click the "Show Markup" button, making sure to place check marks next to the following: "Comments," "Ink Annotations," "Insertions and Deletions," "Formatting" and "Reviewer." Move your mouse over the "Changes" pane and select the "Reject" sub-menu, clicking "Reject All Changes in Document" or "Delete All Comments in Document" to undo your tracking changes or delete the corresponding comments, respectively.