How to Unforward Calls on AT&T

By Melody Dawn

At times it may be necessary to forward your phone calls to another number to answer an important call. This can be done by call forwarding. Once you have received the call or have returned to your home number, you may cancel the call forwarding to resume receiving calls as you normally would. The process is simple with AT&T phone service, whether you are using an AT&T cell phone or residential phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone or home phone

GSM Cell Phones

Step 1

Press the "menu" button on your AT&T GSM cell phone that you have forwarded. Choose "settings" from the menu that appears. Your menu may appear as pictures or text depending on your how your mobile phone was set up. The setting picture will generally appear as a small round gear.

Step 2

Scroll down the menu and select "call settings" or "calls".

Step 3

Select "forward" from the "call setting" menu. Or select "voice call" from the "calls menu".

Step 4

Choose "call forwarding" or "forwarding" from them menu and select "cancel". This will stop calls that are forwarded to another number and allow you to begin receiving calls to your cell phone.

Home phones

Step 1

Pick up the receiver on the AT&T home phone that you have forwarded to another number.

Step 2

Dial "73#" or "*73" from a touch tone phone. If you have a rotary phone, dial 1173.

Step 3

Listen for two tones to sound. This will cancel call forwarding on your home phone.