How to Unhide Columns

By Chad Buleen

When using a spreadsheet program like Excel, you can hide columns that get in the way or that are unimportant to the data you are trying to display at a certain moment. If you come to a point where you need to see the columns you have hidden, you can easily unhide the columns. This will make sure that all of the data on your spreadsheet is accurate.

Step 1

Hold the "Ctrl" key and click on the column to the left and to the right of the hidden column. You will know where the hidden column is because there will be a letter missing from the column header at the top of the page. For example, there might be a column "E" and a column "G" next to it, without an "F."

Step 2

Right click with your mouse. A menu will appear.

Step 3

Select "Unhide." The column will no longer be hidden. Repeat this process as needed.