How to Uninstall Internet Explore Add Ons

By Aaron Wein

When you surf the Web on Internet Explorer, the browser may prompt you to download add-ons when viewing certain pages. These add-ons help the browser accomplish various tasks, such as assisting Explorer in viewing certain page content. Many add-ons are useful, but some can be annoying or intrusive. For instance, certain add-ons install new toolbars that crowd the top section of the browser. Uninstall these add-ons using Internet Explorer's Manage Add-on function.

Step 1

Run Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Click "Tools." A menu appears.

Step 3

Click "Manage Add-ons" from the "Tools" menu. A window appears.

Step 4

Click the type of add-on for which you want to remove from the "Add-on Type" section on the left. The installed add-ons appear in the center section of the window.

Step 5

Click an add-on to highlight it.

Step 6

Click "Remove" to uninstall the add-on. A prompt appears.

Step 7

Click "Yes" to finish uninstalling the add-on.