How to Uninstall My Web Search Bar

By Joshua Benjamin

My Web Search is a search bar that is included in the Fun Web Products software suite of applications. Theoretically, the Fun Web Products applications are not spyware, but many users have noticed a distinct slowdown in their computers' speed, as well as the appearance of tracking cookies used by My Web Search to track and monitor your Internet usage. Top it off with the fact that My Web Search makes itself deliberately hard to uninstall, and you've got a program that you're likely better off getting rid of. Fortunately, despite My Web Search's intentions, it is not that difficult to remove once you know what you're doing.

Step 01

Launch your preferred Web browser and navigate to the download page for Hijack This, a tool designed to search out active processes and spyware entries on your computer. Hijack This is a necessary program for the removal of My Web Search (see "Resources").

Step 11

Download and install Hijack This onto your computer.

Step 21

Click the "Start" menu and choose the "Control Panel."

Step 31

Click the "Programs and Features" icon to open up the "add/remove programs" window.

Step 41

Scroll down the list of installed programs until you find the entry for My Web Search.

Step 51

Click the "Uninstall" button located next to the My Web Search entry. This starts the automated uninstallation process. Follow the instructions as they appear to complete the first phase of the uninstallation. Reboot your computer once the removal has been completed.

Step 61

Click "Hijack This" and choose "System Scan Only." This brings up a list of entries in the main Hijack This window.

Step 71

Search for and check the box next to any entry in the Hijack This window that contains the phrases "MyWebSearch" or "My Web Search." Once you have found and checked them all, click the "Fix" button to delete all the entries.

Step 81

Open "My Computer" and browse to the C:\Program Files folder. Locate and delete the folders labeled "FunWebProducts" and "MyWebSearch." This completes the removal of My Web Search from your computer.