How to Uninstall Programs Completely

By Margaret Worthington

When a software program is installed on your operating system, a registry entry is made for the program in the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features utility, depending on which operating system you use. If you want to remove the software from your computer, you can go to this utility and uninstall the software. This uninstalls the software completely and is a much better solution than trying to remove the software on your own by manually deleting files.

Step 1

Boot up your computer and click "Start."

Step 2

Click on "Control Panel" and then open up either the "Add or Remove Programs" tool (Windows XP) or the "Programs and Features" tool (Windows Vista and Windows 7).

Step 3

Select the program you want to completely uninstall by left-clicking on it and then selecting either the "Change/Remove" button (XP) or the "Uninstall" button (Vista/7).

Step 4

Follow any further uninstallation instructions provided by the piece of software you are uninstalling (if necessary) to complete the uninstallation. You may have to also reboot the computer once the uninstallation completes, depending on the requirements of the software program.

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