How to Uninstall Real Player from Mac OS X

By Robert C. Young

Real Player is a third-party software program that plays audio and video files. Quicktime and Apple's iTunes make Real Player redundant in Mac OS X. Both applications are optimized for OS X and play both music and video. Deleting Real Player frees disk space for memory-hungry photos, video and music files. Erasing files in user-friendly OS X takes nothing more than a few keyboard and mouse or trackpad clicks and can be done by anyone with rudimentary computer skills.

Step 1

Select "Finder" in the Dock, or click any open space on the desktop to access the "Finder."

Step 2

Select "Applications" from the "Places" menu on the left side of the finder.

Step 3

Select Real Player by moving the highlight shadow with the keyboard's arrow keys.

Step 4

Press "Command/Apple" and "Delete" simultaneously to move Real Player to Trash. Select "Empty Trash" from the "Finder" menu to delete Real Player.