How to Unlock a BlackBerry Curve for Free

By Michaele Curtis

Most mobile companies that use SIM cards lock their phones to their networks by preventing the phones from recognizing other SIM cards. If your BlackBerry Curve uses a SIM card, it probably has this lock on it, too. This lock, the SIM subsidy lock, remains in place until you enter the SIM unlock code. Many mobile companies offer the code free to customers who meet eligibility requirements.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card from a new company

Step 1

Contact the mobile company for your BlackBerry Curve. Request your free SIM unlock code. Give them the IMEI number of your phone if they don't have it on file. Give them your email address.

Step 2

Hold the red end call/power button to turn off the BlackBerry Curve when you receive your SIM unlock code. Press the battery panel release button on the back of the phone to remove the panel. Pry the battery out of the panel with your fingers.

Step 3

Pull the original SIM card out of the slot with your fingers or tweezers. Position the new SIM card with the gold side down and the cutaway corner toward the slot. Slide the card into the slot.

Step 4

Replace the battery and the battery panel on the BlackBerry Curve. Turn it back on using the red end call/power button.

Step 5

Note the SIM card error message. Press the return key.

Step 6

Enter the SIM unlock code you got from the mobile company. Press the return key.