How to Unlock a Blackberry Without a Password

By Andrea Griffith

Many people set up a password on their BlackBerries so that unwanted eyes can't peek in at their personal information or emails. If you've set up a password and are tired of having to type it in every time you need to access your phone -- but want to keep your phone locked to prevent pocket dialing someone -- you can simply remove the password. If your service provider set up your password or you did it a while ago, you might not know the easy steps to disable your password.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key.

Step 2

Click "Options," then click "Security Options."

Step 3

Click "General Settings."

Step 4

Scroll your trackball over the word "Enabled" to highlight it. Click down your trackball to open the drop menu, and click "Disabled."

Step 5

Press the "Escape" button, and click "Save." You will be asked one last time to enter in your password. Type in your password in the Password box, then click down on your trackball. Exit your Options Menu.

Step 6

Press "Lock" from your Home screen. This will lock your keyboard to prevent your from accidentally calling someone.

Step 7

Press any key to open the Unlock Screen. Instead of typing in your password, type "*" key, then "Send" to unlock your phone.