How to Unlock a Mobile Phone's IMEI

By Palmer Owyoung

The international mobile equipment identification number, or IMEI, is a unique identification code that is built into every cell phone. This number is one way that your mobile service provider uses to identify you are your phone. If you are interested in unlocking your phone so that it can be used while traveling or if you simply wish to move to a different cell phone company you will need your IMEI to create unlock codes. There are several ways to find the IMEI.

Step 1

Turn on your cell phone and type in the following into your keypad *#06#. This will bring up the 15- to 17-digit IMEI number on your screen instantly.

Step 2

Open up your phone by removing the back of the case that covers the battery. Remove the battery and find the white sticker beneath it. The IMEI number should be labeled here.

Step 3

Check your phone documentation. Usually the IMEI number will be typed out on a sticker at the bottom of the box that your phone came with. If it isn't there, then check your manual. The sticker may be there.