How to Unlock a Password in RAR Files

By Josh Infiesto

WinRAR is a popular application for file compression that supports the encryption of the archives that it produces, making it an ideal choice for archiving sensitive data. WinRAR uses a fairly strong encryption algorithm, making it highly inconvenient to lose your password. You can attempt to recover your password with a cracking program.

Step 1

Try to guess or remember the password first. This is the easiest method, but often untenable.

Step 2

Download and install WinRAR unlock. This program can patch encrypted WinRAR files and remove the password.

Step 3

Download and install any one of several brute force password crackers. These programs work by trying millions of potential passwords, and can run for days or weeks depending on the complexity of the password.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not attempt to crack a file you do not have legal rights to. This is illegal in the United States under the DMCA or Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

References & Resources