How to Unlock a Tata Indicom Mobile

By Jon Stefansson

Tata Indicom is an Indian cellphone service provider based in Navi Mumbai, near Mumbai in the west of the country. The company provides cell service and handsets from several providers to many parts of India. If you have locked your Tata Indicom mobile, you can easily unlock it using your SIM or phone PIN code. These numeric codes are set by the user before the phone can be locked. The locks are used to prevent unauthorized access to the phone should it be lost or stolen. Allow five minutes to unlock your Tata Indicom mobile phone.

Step 1

Switch on the cellphone. A message will appear asking for your lock code.

Step 2

Enter your four- to eight-digit unlock code. Default codes are sometimes "0000" or "1234." See Tips if you forget your PIN code.

Step 3

Wait a moment as your phone unlocks. You will now be able to use your Tata Indicom mobile as normal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact Tata Indicom if you forget either your SIM or phone unlock code. In some cases they will be able to issue a Personal Unlocking Code (PUK) to override your SIM lock. See Resources for contact details.