How to Unlock a Used Virgin Mobile Phone

By Josh Moorhead

Unlocking any phone, including a new or used Virgin Mobile phone, is an easy process. Unlocking a phone allows the phone to work on other wireless networks. But to be fully functional, the phone must commit to one. Synching up a phone with a wireless provider requires a few things, an identification number called the IMEI code and a memory chip called a SIM card that connects the phone to the network.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card
  • IMEI code

Step 1

Contact Virgin Mobile customer service. Tell them the phone is used and is not unlocked. They will look up the phone's IMEI number, an identification number that works like a license plate on a car. Virgin might charge for this information.

Step 2

Enter a service agreement with a new network provider, or begin a new contract with Virgin. At this point, the network will provide a SIM card for their service. This card is what actually connects the phone with the network.

Step 3

Turn the phone off. Remove the protective case on the back of the phone that covers the battery. Near the battery housing is a smaller slot containing the original SIM card; if the phone is used, this slot may be empty. Put in the SIM card of the new provider.

Step 4

Restart the phone. It will detect the new SIM card and request permission to proceed using it. This permission is granted with the phone's IMEI code. Enter it using the dial pad. After the phone has accepted the new SIM card, it will begin using the new network.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure if the phone is switching networks from Virgin that it works correctly. Using a Virgin phone on another network could affect its functionality. To prevent this, ask the new provider how the specific phone model will operate on their service.