How to Unlock a Verizon Android Phone

By Tiffany Garden

Verizon Android phones lock when the display turns off so you do not accidentally send any input, such as dialing a phone number or sending letters in a text. You need to unlock the phone before you can access any input methods. You can put a password on the lock, so you have to log in to open up the phone once it is locked. Android phones can be securely locked using a pattern lock, a PIN lock or a password lock. The default lock method unlocks the phone when you swipe the lock bar.

Step 1

Press the power button to turn the screen on.

Step 2

Slide your finger across the unlock icon to unlock your phone if you are not using a password or advanced unlock system.

Step 3

Draw a set pattern on the screen if you have turned on the Pattern lock option.

Step 4

Input a numeric PIN on the lock screen if you have turned on the PIN security setting. Enter your password if you are using Password.

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